Tesla Motors

Powertrain Manufacturing Engineer

I was responsible for the design, build, integration, and test of over 18 unique sets of automation equipment for Model S battery pack assembly. 


- Automation cell for installation of over 180 battery pack fasteners in under 4 minutes using 7 multi-axis robots

- 90 ton press for precision metal forming of battery cooling mechanism

- Induction brazing design for aluminum assemblies



UC Berkeley Exoskeleton

MS Mechanical Engineering

After working on the mechanical side of robotics at Tesla, I wanted to dive deeper into software. I earned a MS in Mechanical Engineering working on an exoskeleton that allows a paraplegic to work. My work was primarily focused on embedded control systems and algorithms for mimicking a natural-looking walking cycle using a robot.

My MS work was to develop alternative triggering mechanisms for the exoskeleton step. I used biological and mechanical signals to identify safe positions for continuing forward motion.

This work has taken me to Milan, Italy, where I have worked closely with several orthopedic physicians to quantify the performance of the exoskeleton for pilots with a variety of spinal cord injuries.